Holy Cow Beef Snacks

Effingham, Illinois



In what started out as a simple high school business class project, Holy Cow Beef Snacks has grown to be a new favorite snack of many.

Our Story

As a Senior in High School, Nathan Schultz participated in a class called CEO. The class taught all aspects of business development and concluded with starting your own business. From this, Holy Cow Beef Snacks was born. Nathan pursued his passion of finding healthy snack options for active lifestyles. Due to the demand for his beef sticks, Holy Cow continued even after the class ended. Following graduation from St. Anthony High School in rural Effingham, Illinois, Nathan began wholesaling beef sticks to local golf courses. This later expanded to convenience stores, meat markets, and many of the local bars. Nathan is a student at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois majoring in business and competes on the Men’s Golf Team.