Fire Creek Snacks

Jerseyville, Illinois

Our Story – It’s Always Been About the Taste

I get it.  You’re standing in the snack aisle again wondering which direction to go with your snack selection.  Last time you purchased the new, trendy brand that had every health claim possible.  Great ingredients, but flavor fell way short.

You only went with this option because you were tired of reading all of the artificial ingredients and allergens of the greasy, gas-station brand that seemed to be everywhere.  A “choose the best, worst option” scenario.

This is why I started FireCreek Snacks.  I wanted a snack stick that actually tasted like MEAT!  Crazy right?  As a third generation meat man, I had to get it right and I knew exactly how to do it.

Simple, all-natural ingredients with exceptional flavor combined with USA-sourced premium quality beef & pork.  Let the meat be the star and season it with high-quality, simple yet bold flavors and real, hickory smoke.

You have arrived at FireCreek and now it is time for you to experience the best combination of bold flavor, quality meat and all-natural ingredients the marketplace has to offer.  I see you in the snack aisle struggling with the options.  Grab some FireCreek Snacks and never look back!

Soon you’ll understand why so many of our customers call it “The Best Snack in the World!”