Country Archer - PINeapple pork

Premium antibiotic free pork with pineapple.


Mark James Creative - Hot Bloody Mary

Beef infused with a pepper bloody mary mix for monumental flavor.


Mythical Meats - Pegasus

AKA antelope with Beef.  


Ostrim - BBQ Beef & Ostrich

Low-fat, high-protein snack. Highly nutritious red meat.


Righteous Felon - Hickory

Beef & Pork. A classic smoky & savory flavor.


Smoke Shack Jerky - Jamaican Chorizo

A spicy blend of Portuguese and Jamaican goodness.


Sweetwood Smokehouse - Original Turkey

Classic original premium free range turkey.


Thrushwood Farms - Sweet Teriyaki

Teriyaki beef jerky strip. A thrushwood favourite.


Western’s Smokehouse - Original

Lean cuts of tender beef & pork seasoned with an award-winning blend of herbs and spices.


Wilson Beef Farms - Habanero Mango

Beef & pork with sweet undertones of mango and the heat of habanero.


March 2020 Meat Snack Selection


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