Caveman Foods - Maple Pork Bar

Maple pork with uncured bacon. Get your bacon fix anytime. 


Hunters Reserve - Beef Jalapeño 

Beef & jalapeño blended with pork for texture & flavor.


Klements - Pepper Jack Turkey

Fewer calories & real turkey flavor. The perfect protein snack for a busy lifestyle.


Mythical Meats - Griffin

AKA Ostrich flavor! Beef with REAL ostrich. Farm-raised & USDA Inspected.


Simply Snackin’ - Orchard Beef

Grass-fed beef with apples, cherries & a mellow spice blend. Naturally sweet.


Sogo Snacks - Garlic

Iowa Smoked Recipe. Grass-fed beef seasoned with garlic & savory spices.


Thrushwood Farms - Sweet N Spicy 

Brown sugar along with black & red pepper - the perfect mix for this grass-fed beef stick. 


Tomer Kosher - BBQ

Sweet BBQ flavor. Put down the tongs, close the grill, grab a drink & relax.


Vermont Smoke & Cure - Original

Crafted with lean beef & pork, cracked pepper & a classic mix of spices.


Westerns Smokehouse - Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

Tender beef & pork with herbs & spices. Wood smoked for natural goodness.


July 2020 Meat Snack Selection


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