Aufschnitt Kosher Meats - Cracked Black pepper 

Created with lean beef, chicken & the perfect spice mix for a peppery kick. 


Hunters Reserve - Bison

Bison blended with pork for texture & flavor. Adventure you can taste.


Klements - Honey Ham

The sweet taste of honey combined with the savory taste of the ham. 


Mission Meats - Hardwood Smoked Bacon

Real ingredients. Quality pork & bacon. An Ultra-clean high protein snack.


Mythical Meats - Unicorn

Unicorn, AKA Smoked Beef flavor! 100% REAL beef. 


Real Snacks - Garlic & Herb

Beef with a propriety blend of Italian herbs for a flavor you'll crave.


Righteous Felon - Voodoo Chile Jerky

Featuring the world's hottest pepper, Carolina Reaper. This Jerky is HOT.


Schneider Farms- Pepperoni

Pepperoni flavor. 100% family farm raised pork. 


Thrushwood Farms - Mango Jalapeno 

Turkey flavored with a great mix of fruity & a hint of spice. 


Timber Ridge Cattle - Sunrise

Omega-3 Sunrise stick with maple & sage. Start your morning right.


August 2020 Meat Snack Selection

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