November 12,2017

Meat Stick Revolution with Primal Urge

Meat Stick Revolution

gourmet quality meat sticks from local sustainable farms

If you’re wondering why we would blog about a Meat Stick Revolution I’m glad you’re inquisitive. In short, the folks at Primal Urge Foods are more than passionate about the product that is either in your hand currently, or the product that should be in your hand. Further, on October 30, 2017 Primal Urge Foods is doing what no one else has ever done. But the plot thickens. This isn’t just a website, it is a dynamic user experience where you, the customer drives the market.

You are in total control! All we do is act as a concierge to guide your desire for a protein snack and getting gangster Meat Sticks in your hands. Let me explain what ‘you being in total control’ means. Control means; feedback to delivery. The site is set up so  you have the opportunity to give us feedback on what you want. You want us to Blog about questions you’ve got, write us and we’ll respond.

You want unique flavors, write us an we’ll let you know how we plan to fulfill your request. Need a 1,000 Meat Sticks for a block party (feel free to invite us too) and we’ll let you know what we’ll do to make that happen. Based on your feedback, we want to do everything we can to meet your individual needs. Right now, there isn’t anyone in the Meat Market taking customer requests to fulfill individual demands. Lucky for you you’ve found Primal Urge Foods. You’re an ambassador to transportable culinary delights that fit neatly in your pocket for your every adventure.

Unless you’re Uber rich and drive around the country looking for something better than a greasy meat conglomerate in a thin tube, you’ve never gone on a quest for unique, flavorful, healthy Meat Sticks. Here is why. Meat Stick; noun a meat-filled edible, portable and transportable food made of tasty “meat”. OK, there really isn’t a definition of Meat Stick. Primal Urge Foods created one; why? In order to set a precedent.

There are a number of ways to ‘sort of’ describe a Meat Stick. Meat Snack, jerky, meat treat etc. (I use the application of etc. or et cetera; so forth and so on because there is no true all-encompassing definition of Meat Stick). However, the nonsensical idiom of Meat Stick is not a deal breaker. Think of the term Meat Stick like the word love; it is hard to explain but you know it when you experience it.

So, we at Primal Urge Foods want to answer some of your burning questions when it comes to Meat Sticks. Like all of the 5 W’s. Instead of your garden variety of who, what, when, where and why, we’ll Yahtzee the order here for a different combination. First, why Primal Urge Foods? Simply because no one has ever done what Primal Urge Foods is doing. We are sending out at least 10 Meat Sticks every month, yet we realize that like your mother’s love, it just isn’t enough.

Even before the first Primal Urge Package (PUP) goes out we want more for you. We think about jerky’s and flavor-filled Meat Sticks, wild combinations and varieties with explosive flavors, sent to you whenever you ask. The main reason is; it’s cool. We’ve answered another one of the questions of “when”; whenever you want. is your site to order and customize whenever you like. Your desire for specific flavors like pepperoni, smoked paprika, or ham and pineapple could be just a click away. We want to scour the planet to find all of the allusive flavors and send them to you.

We say planet because some of our vendors are going to Italy to learn traditional charcuterie techniques. In short, you fantasize and we deliver it to your door. Like the movie Weird Science, but instead of a chick it’s Meat Sticks. You may also be wondering “who” Primal Urge Foods is. Well, like on our ‘About Us’ page we are just a few average guys (Clarke, Mike, Tony) and Heather. We put together the wild concept first breathed by Tony when he said: “Hey, you know the one thing I always wanted when I was deployed to the Middle East”? Meat Sticks!

Michael then facilitated taking Tony’s lofty insight and grounded it with ways in which to make it possible. So Mike and Tony designed a triangle box that looked like barn wood and searched for more and more Meat Sticks. One day Mike finally took one of the boxes and handed it to Clarke.  Clarke then said, “Heather can help us in our Meat Stick search”. Her search led to finding hundreds of Meat Sticks all over the U.S.

At this point we have skirted around the topic of “what” Primal Urge Foods is. Let’s dig a bit deeper to solidify the “what conundrum”. When we set out to prototype the Primal Urge Package we had lots of assumptions. Is there really that many Meat Sticks out there? Is the box the right size? What about color scheme?  What shape should the box be? What flavors are out there? What about pork, beef, and chicken? What about dietary restrictions? You can see there are a lot of “what” questions, and this isn’t even close to all of the ‘what’s’ either.

Shipping, labeling, surge demand for more Meat Sticks. The laundry list grows with each day. Just as soon as we figure out one thing, we are lucky enough to look for more challenges. All in order to make your Primal Urge experience feel like…”these guys have my back”. We never want you living on hungry fumes because your kitchen muscle is empty. We wanna fill your Roman god of a body with pure protein. Protein that electrifies your senses and rushes through your veins like a jolt of adrenaline.

How do we do that? We took a long hard look at what the industry was doing. What is the industry not doing? The meat industry is not doing what Primal Urge Foods is doing. Constructing a curated package of diverse Meat Sticks, assembled in a unique tactically portable package delivered straight to your door. This leads to the why? Look, the folks at Primal Urge Foods feel very strongly about fake bull put out by the industry. We have a direct pump of the brakes on ingredients that saturate the cheap meat market: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), fillers, mystery ingredients and questionable labeling that make you hesitate putting the product in your mouth.

This and blogs to follow, will continue to be about educating you on what the industry is doing. Labeling, what topics like organic mean, or sustainable, cruelty-free and lots more.  “Primal Urge Foods” is different and we’re gonna keep it that way! So, the revolution begins October 30, 2017. We didn’t evolve from market trends, we are revolutionary.

We are your source for dynamic protein snacks to fuel the human machine. Keep liking us, keep following us and keep telling us what you want so we can improve. Have blog topics you want us to research and write about? Let us know at We love to hear from you because we work for you!

Satisfying Your Inner Animal,

Primal Urge Foods

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