November 12,2017

Health Care Starts in the Mouth

Health Care Starts in the Mouth

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The most important activity you commit to every day is fueling your body. Food and drink in some form or another, start in your mouth and go directly to feed your kitchen muscle (stomach).  Everything you put in your mouth has the job of providing nourishment to your body through calories.

Food has to come in the form of the big three; fats, proteins or carbohydrates, of course, there are vitamins, minerals, and water but you can get these via some of the foods you eat. It is 100% fatal not to embrace the big three.

Without either a fat, protein or carbohydrate the body will not function properly and will begin to shut down. It is a fact you cannot live for long without food.

You might be thinking “so what, all this is obvious, I gotta eat.” Not all calories are the same. The quantitative output may be the same, but the nutritional value isn’t. Junk food with a 1,000-calorie output isn’t the same as a 1,000-calorie output from say an apple.

Why? You ask. Because junk food contains empty calories, empty calories are calories that contribute to your total caloric intake but supply little or no nutritional value. Unlike nutrient-dense foods, which are foods providing more nutrients than calories (fruits and vegetables and meats), empty-calorie foods contain more calories than nutrients.

Nutrients are the components of food that we need to survive. There are six essential nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water (Rowe). It’s important to note, not all fats, proteins and carbohydrates are the same. You might be thinking all of this health stuff isn’t a priority for a company in the Meat Stick business. You would be dead wrong. In fact, health concerns are one of the major priorities for Primal Urge Foods.

Health was one of the primary reasons I wanted to start Primal Urge. Long story short, in 2011 I acquired necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) from a wound in Afghanistan and subsequently had my leg amputated in 2015. Now, none of that is significant except for the fact that I asked the question, “how do I avoid ever getting a life-threatening infection ever again”?

I realized I was asking doctors that mainly ate their meals from vending machines during shift work. It felt like asking a drug addict how to abstain from drugs. So I did my homework and began to realize the food I ate might be a more prominent player than first thought.

Infections can occur in the body when bad bacteria outnumber the beneficial bacteria. An inflammatory response is triggered, and the bodies answer is to fight the bacteria. Unlike most John Wayne movies, sometimes the good guys lose, and the bad guys win.

Bacteria are no different. When the body can’t fight off harmful bacteria, it can take over the body.One thing the doctors did tell me was to eat lots and lots of protein. That’s what a guy like me wants to hear, “lots of protein”.

Let’s just say I wasn’t in the beans and legumes market to fulfill that tall order. It was beef, chicken, lamb, fish, whatever I could find to make protein packed meals. Here’s what I found. In the microbiology field, scientists that research bacteriology examines the dietary habits of bacteria.

You already know you need carbohydrates since they are our primary source of energy for the body. The cheapest form of carbohydrates in the food industry today is sugar. Sugar is what you find in most processed foods (junk foods).

Since bacteriologists (scientists) have discovered this: Sugar is the food of choice for all types of infections (Schierling). What is one of the worst parts about consuming sugar that feeds infections?

Without even knowing it, you can have bacteria living (and thriving) in your body and bloodstream called persisters. Persisters are due to immunosuppression (inflammatory responses that are autoimmune in the body) of the host, immune evasion by the pathogen and ineffective killing by antibiotics (Fisher). In short, the body gets overloaded with sugars that feed bad bacteria.

These bacteria grow in both aerobic and anaerobic states. They cause an inflammatory response, immunosuppression and expose you to infection.  Sometimes infections can become life-threatening. Luckily this isn’t always the case. None of this is meant to scare you; it is more of a teaching moment lets say.

The good thing is, a high calorie, high protein diet helps to heal wounds, maintain or increase weight, promote growth, and resist or fight infection (High). Check out our blog Meat Sticks for Weight Loss for more info on the subject at

Hence, this gets me back to how health care starts in the mouth.  Because everything you eat has either a positive or negative effect on your overall health.

It is vitally important to the folks at Primal Urge Foods. Since we take great interest in how our vendors approach the ingredients that go into their Meat Sticks. A Meat Stick that tastes gross will always be transparent to you.

“Duds” don’t make it to the final cut; they are deemed unworthy to be represented by Primal Urge Foods.  We conduct panels, sample the Meat Sticks from individual vendors, and determine if they meet our high standards.

Since our Primal Urge panel agrees or disagrees that the flavor, texture, mouth-feel, balance of ingredients and the overall taste is good enough to afford others the excellent Meat Stick experience. Primal Urge Foods examines the labels of all Meat Sticks to ensure they contain only quality ingredients.

Most noteworthy, when major ingredient components are things like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), they don’t cut it. While monosodium glutamate is found naturally in tomatoes, cheese, and other foods, but adding additional MSG is just not necessary.

Therefore, we believe that great flavor comes from natural sources, not in a Petri dish in a lab. Primal Urge Foods is continuing with research and development.

Therefore, we want to design flavors no one else has ever brought to the market.  Because flavors like lamb, mint, and yogurt.  A Philly Cheese Steak Meat Stick. Pizza Meat Sticks with the taste of mozzarella and pepperoni, fresh aromas of yeast from the bread.

To conclude, health is important to us, so we put the nutritional facts for our vendor’s products on the site. This way you’ll always be an informed consumer. There’s nothing to hide, all we want are great protein snacks for you.

Want to fight infection? Protein is what you need. Visit us at Check out our selection and feel free to write us back. Primal Urge Foods continues the search for more great Meat Sticks to share with you.


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