What is a PUP?

PUP stands for Primal Urge Package.

How do you determine what Meat Sticks make up each PUP?

Magic really. Although we do exercise great thought and research with each month’s selection of meat sticks. Variety, flavor, taste, texture and ingredients are all taken into consideration. All our meat snacks are made from quality ingredients and MSG free! In order to keep things fresh and interesting we continue to seek out new vendors. Many of our existing vendors are also consistently coming out with new meat stick lines and unique flavors. Everyday we’re working on determining the best Meat Sticks for your next PUP!

Can I choose what is in my PUP?

We take great pride in selecting each month’s collection of meat sticks.

If you love a particular Meat Stick in your PUP and want more, or have individual requests for future orders email us at info@primalurgefoods.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and passion.

How much does AN Individual PUP cost?

$16.95 + Shipping & Handling, before promotions and discounts.


Simply click the “Get Started” button at primalurgefoods.com and choose the subscription plan that works for you. Complete the billing and shipping information and click “place order”. You’ll receive a confirmation email and your PUP will be shipped to your door on the next monthly ship date.

All subscriptions renew automatically until canceled so you never have to worry about missing your monthly PUP.

Where do you ship PUPs?

Where ever you want (within the contiguous United States to include Alaska and Hawaii and its tributaries). We can ship to your door and your family and friends, including your favorite Marine, Soldier, Airman or Sailor even to your next waypoint on a national trail; in short all 50 states and overseas to APOs.

What are the shipping fees for my PUP?

Shipping & Handling costs are applied to your cart at checkout.


Login to your online PUF account and click “Account“. In the “Billing Information” box, click “Edit” and you can add, delete or make a payment method your default payment method.

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

On the Login page, click “Lost Password” and enter your username or email address and we’ll email you a link you will use to reset your password. After you reset your password and successfully login, be sure to change your password to something unique.

How do I change my password?

Login to your online PUF account and click “Account“. In the “Account Password” box, click “Edit” and you can change your password.

Where is my monthly PUP?

Wondering whether your next PUP shipment is on its way yet? Not to worry, your online account has up-to-date information letting you know where your PUP is in the monthly process. Simply login to your account, view your subscription and at a glance you’ll know whether your PUP is in the packaging, shipped or delivered phase of the month.

Can I return a PUP and get a refund?

Email us at info@primalurgefoods.com and let us know about any issue you have and we’ll do our best to resolve it.

What if my PUP is damaged or lost?

In the event your package arrives damaged or tampered with, or doesn’t arrive at all email us at info@primalurgefoods.com so we can resolve this for you. We want the best for you while you enjoy the best from us.

Can I purchase more than one PUP subscription?

Absolutely! You can add additional subscriptions anytime by clicking “+Add” in your subscriptions or by clicking “Get Started“. Simply follow the steps to select an additional subscription plan and enter your billing/shipping details (your default billing details will auto populate but you can edit them as necessary).

I have a Primal Urge discount code, how do I redeem it?

After you select your PUP plan, enter your code in the “coupon code” field and click “Apply”. Your new total reflecting your discount will display and you can proceed with the checkout process as normal.

Can I give PUPs as gifts?

Yes, there are several methods to purchase PUPs as gifts. You can purchase a 1 month or 12 month gift card, which will create a coupon code we email to the address you select. Worried your intended recipient does not have access to the Internet or won’t get around to using the gift card? No problem, simply purchase a subscription and have it shipped to the recipient’s address.

How do I change my shipping address?

Login to your account, view the subscription and click “Edit” in the Shipping Info. After you’ve made your changes, click “Save”.

Can I ship PUPs to multiple addresses?

Yes! You can ship PUPs to as many addresses as you’d like. When you purchase a subscription, you have the option to enter a shipping address that is different from the billing address.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply login to your account, view the subscription you wish to cancel and click cancel.

If you cancel your monthly subscription by the 5th of the month, your subscription will not renew and you will not be charged on the 6th.

If you cancel your annual subscription anytime prior to your renewal date and your annual subscription will not be renewed.

I’m going to be traveling, can I pause my subscription until I return?

You can pause your subscription anytime by logging in to your account, viewing the subscription you wish to pause and clicking “Suspend”. While your account is paused, we will not process any payments or send any PUPs. You can reactivate your account at anytime by clicking “Reactivate” and we will being processing payments and shipping your PUPs.

It is important to note that accounts can be paused for a maximum of X TIME PERIOD, after which your account will be reactivated and your subscription will proceed as normal.

How do I become a PUF vendor?

Think your meat sticks would be a good addition to our PUPs, reach out to us and we’ll follow up with information.