November 12,2017

Engineering a Meat Stick for the People

Engineering a Meat Stick for the People.

First, when engineering a Meat Stick for the People knowing the ins and outs of the process are so important. You may be wondering precisely what a Meat Stick is. Rather than taking the cro-magnon approach to “ooh, meat-tasty me like”, let’s lay down some hip street creed to a beautiful culinary marvel that has transcended the ages. Turn on some 1980’s Gangster Rap and let’s get French’y.

I use the term French’y very prominently because the first hero in our Meat Stick saga is the Garde Manger. The Garde Manger has the duty of supervising the preserving of food and managing its utilization. This may interpret the term “garde manger” as keeping to eat. The Garde Manger’s main gig during the Pre-Revolutionary France was maintaining an ample supply of food and beverage. The Garde Manager was an outward symbol of power, wealth, and status.

If you were the Garde Manger, you were the man (or woman), but let’s not mincemeat over the idea. Oh wait, let’s mincemeat over the entire idea since one of the Garde Mangers jobs was to design appetizers, canapés, pâtés, and terrines.  Mincemeat is nothing more than a forcemeat (Garde Manger). Forcemeat is nothing more than whole muscle tissue fabricated into smaller cuts (think of sausage).

The French, unfortunately, were not the first to declare how to preserve meat. There are many instances where we find Greeks and Romans that dried meat to chow down while on the go and robbing folks of their country. War makes you hungry. Although at Primal Urge Foods we don’t recommend battling with anyone, we do recommend using our dynamic, transportable, protein-packed Meat Sticks to fuel your day. Onward to more engineering of Meat Sticks.

Let’s focus for a moment about the terrine. The terrine most commonly refers to a French forcemeat loaf, similar to a pâté made with more coarsely chopped ingredients.  This is important for you because our Meat Sticks are shelf stable and ready to eat.  When you think of a pâté think about the rich foie gras, common additions include vegetables, herbs, spices, and either wine or brandy (often cognac or Armagnac).

The challenge with a pâté for Primal Urge Foods is portability and ensuring safe handling to get a proper transportable product for your distinguished palate. Fear not, R&D at Primal Urge Foods wants to make all sorts of Meat Treats for you, so we’re working on it! For our purposes, the current situation focuses on Meat Sticks, and the terrine is the perfect guest to introduce to your taste party.

What does all of this have to do with a Meat Stick? Well, a Meat Stick is nothing more than a terrine. Meatloaf like your grandma used to make is also a terrine. You probably never realized your grandma knew how to make a terrine. Grandmas have lots of secrets. We want to let you in on some of these mysteries without having to bug granny.

At Primal Urge Foods we believe the only way to high flavor is starting with great ingredients. Great ingredients come from fresh foods packed with flavor. “Flavor perception allows us to have a representation of precisely a particular kind of food” (Holmes). Therefore, this translates to; you get what you expect when you eat because you have a pre-selected idea of the taste.

If we were to take a Meat Stick and dye it green would you eat it? Probably not. You would have a preconceived thought that it tastes terrible. We don’t blame you. This is how we determine what constitutes an excellent Meat Stick from a “dud”. If we try a Meat Stick and it’s dry, there is little redemptive value in the Meat Stick. Consequently, even if it had a good flavor the dryness would ruin the experience. The packaging has to be cool. If it’s a generic wrapper, the taste will be generic. That’s why we want great artwork. Great art tells us the vendors care a lot about flavor, and they understand how it looks how it tastes.

While these are just a few of the concepts we work with at Primal Urge Foods. We want to present you with flavors that you couldn’t even imagine. Because I’ve had some of them; let me tell you about Lucky Jerky (American Pie)

Probably one of the best Meat Sticks I’ve ever had. Go online and read about them. Cinnamon in a Meat Stick that contains apples? Check’em out at we’ve got’em for you and loads more. The major take away here? You cannot get dynamic flavor from garbage; it just isn’t possible.

So, humor me for a moment. What would you say was your perfect meal? Do you remember the flavors, the atmosphere, the people around you and the smells? Did the meal leave a creative, undeniable image in your mind at that particular time? Last year I had an anniversary at Pineapple and Pearls, one of the most sought after two Michelin starred restaurant by Chef Aaron Silverman.

3. Connecting flavor and memory

The meal was so memorable, I can still taste the food when I think about it. Maybe the $250 a plate was well worth the memory. Chefs are whispering in a quiet atmosphere that was fun and adventurous. Flavors like smoked ribs with an intricate mole and a nixtamalized grits or white-asparagus okonomiyaki.

Maybe this sounds crazy but these are the type of dishes that make Chef Silverman the rock star he is. Stretching the boundaries of flavor is what Primal Urge Foods will continue to do because you deserve the best. Engineering the next most impressive Meat Stick isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s bold that demand superior food profiles.

First of all, what about a Meat Stick made from a steer where you could taste the caramelization in the lightly browned meat? Maybe, where you could pick out buttery notes as well as nutty tones? Therefore, this is what we’ll do. We’re like Charles Spence who wrote the book ‘Gastrophysics.’ We want to take you on a flavor journey that combines taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch.

So, when you go out with buddies on a camping trip, we want our Primal Urge Package to be a tool that helps remind you of your adventure. The fresh smell of the woods, the smokey campfire, let our P.U.P bring you right back to that moment.

The taste of fulfilling Meat Sticks as you head off to hike the next ridge. Then these experiences are so important to how we embrace memories that remind us of the eating event. As a result, Primal Urge Foods will be there for you as a Swiss Army knife. Most of all, we are never in the way but a lifesaver to have. Since to us, Engineering a Meat Stick isn’t just about a run-away snack; it’s all about the experience. Write to us and tell us what you think

Finally, do you have ideas for unique flavor combos? We’d love to hear them. Most of all, the next time you think about pork with sage and a bartlett pear we’ve got you covered. Those type flavor combos are awesome and we want to bring you more of the exotic stuff you’ve been thinking about.


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