November 2019

Country Archer – Chorizo Beef

A rich, smoky complexity of grass-fed beef, pork & exotic spices.


Di Mario Foods – Original Pork

Premium smoked pork & signature spices, minus the heat.


Epic – Chicken Sriracha Strip 

Custom sriracha spice blend for a mild tartness & warm heat.


Jim’s Meat Market – Jalapeno Pepper

Jim’s Jalapeno Pepper Sticks 1.5oz Smoked Sausage.


Red Truck Beef Jerky – Original 

100% American raised beef from the farm fields of Idaho.


Schneider Farms – BBQ Bacon

Hickory smoked BBQ bacon. Made with 100% family farm raised pork.


Shaffer Venison Farms – Venison Teriyaki

All meat venison snack. Slightly sweet & packed with protein.


Smoke Shack Jerky – Fumanchew

A spicy blend of Japanese style flavor with a fierce roundhouse kick.


Timber Ridge Cattle – Ranch

Home raised beef with succulent Berkshire pork to enhance texture & flavor.


Western’s Smokehouse – Smart Stix Sweet & Sassy

Lean cuts of tender beef and pork, slow smoked for natural goodness! 


October 2019

Blastix – Bacon 95% Lean pork from America’s heartland. A lunchbox favorite.   El Norteno Foods – Beef Jerky Handcrafted all-natural beef jerky. Packed with 14g of protein.   Hunter’s Reserve – Venison Habanero Venison habanero blended with pork for texture and flavor.   Oregon Trail Jerky – Jalapeno & Cheese Beef with mild jalapeño …

December 2019

  Alligator Bob’s – Cajun Spice Alligator & pork jerky strip. Great flavor & nutrition.   Caveman Foods – Sweet & Smokey Small batch turkey snack bars. Smoked using natural hickory chips.    Country Archer – Jalapeno A bold taste of spicy garden picked jalapeños & hearty grass-fed beef.   Fire Creek Snacks – Original …