January 2021

Holy Cow Beef Snacks – Jalapeño

Jalapeño flavored pork & beef. The perfect snack when you’re on-the-go.


Hunters Reserve – ROADKILL® Jerky Strip

Venison, elk & pork. Seasoned to perfection for the wild game enthusiast.


Mission Meats – Hoppin’ Habanero

Grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture raised beef. The ultimate protein snack.


Mythical Meats – Basilisk

AKA Alligator with beef! REAL alligator. Farm-raised & USDA Inspected.


Schnieder Farms – BBQ Bacon

Quality family farm raised pork from Hermann, Missouri.


Sogo Snacks – BBQ & Pineapple

A delicious combination of farm fresh bbq pork &  juicy pineapple.


Thrushwood Farms – Original Beef

Same great taste, same great recipe since 1977


Timber Ridge Cattle – Peppered

Lean home raised beef with succulent Berkshire pork.


Werner Gourmet Beef Snacks – Teriyaki

Tender cuts of beef & pork, slowly smoked to old-time perfection.


Wilson Beef Farms – Cheddar Cheese

A meaty blend of beef, pork, & cheddar cheese.


December 2020

Chomps – Italian Style Beef Grass-fed & finished beef with just the right balance of oregano, basil, onion & garlic.   Di Mario Foods – Garlic & Fennel Pork Premium meat & ingredients. A signature blend of spices, with a more traditional taste.   Holy Cow Beef Snacks – BBQ BBQ flavored pork & beef. …

February 2021

    Chef’s Cut Real Jerky – Turkey Pepperoni 100% TURKEY. THE PERFECT WAY TO SATISFY THAT PEPPERONI CRAVING WITHOUT DERAILING YOUR DIET.   Country Archer – Pineapple Pork Pork with pineapple isn’t for everybody. Or… is it?  Who’s hungry for some synergy?   Field Trip Jerky – Sea Salt & Pepper Pork & beef. …