Primal Urge Foods – now Finest Butcher – was created by a team of individuals who share a dedication to quality meat products and their customers. Founded in early 2017 and operating from an Angus Beef Farm in The Plains, Virginia.

Clarke and Michael are shining the light on farmers, meat processors, and butcher shops across the U.S. The result is an incredible variety of meat sticks and jerky with flavor, sustainability and your health in mind.

Avid outdoorsmen and sportsmen, the PUF team came up with the Primal Urge Package (PUP) for active, on the go, Men, Women and Children. Unique protein packed meat snacks with no unnecessary ingredients or fillers. All MSG free! Delivered right to your door each month.

Taste-tested and approved.

Before you leave do not forget to buy a PUP!