primal urge packages are packed with Delicious HIGH-QUALITY MEAT Snacks FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY.

We have searched this country high and low for meaty snacks made by folks who care about what you’re eating! New businesses, farms, and meat processors joining everyday! A package containing different products every month delivered to your door! Hundreds of products all unique in flavor and ingredients. All MSG free!

What’s in your primal urge package?   

Now for the fun part….each month you can expect 10 unique meat snacks from over 60 different vendors. Every new selection remains unknown until it’s received, but comes with the assurance of a carefully curated variety of meats. With over 350 meat and flavor profile combinations, a P.U.P. may contain; alligator, beef, buffalo, chicken, duck, elk, lamb, ostrich, pheasant, pork, rabbit, turkey, venison, wild boar or wild salmon. Meats with any number of delicious flavors including; cajun, chipotle, cracked pepper, ginger & garlic, habanero pineapple, hickory smoked, honey mustard, jalapeño, mesquite BBQ, ranch, sweet teriyaki and many more. All From a wide range of sustainable, responsible farms and businesses, small and large from Alaska to Florida and any place in-between. 

Healthy • Wholesome • Meaty

The best meats paired with wholesome ingredients give you high protein, healthy, on-the-go, snack options. Snacks to fuel you before and after your next trip, run or workout. All our meat snacks are MSG free! Check out our vendor list for nutritional information on the products hand selected for your Primal Urge Packages.

September BOX SHIPS IN 23 DAYS



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